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Workforce Development Grants
Announcement of Grant Availability
March 16, 2010
State Energy Sector Partnership
During the current economic downturn, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania has many responsibilities, including: 1) providing assistance to the rising ranks of the unemployed in the commonwealth and the resulting demands placed on the unemployment compensation system; (2) developing innovative initiatives to get workers trained and back to work as quickly as possible in family sustaining jobs; and (3) working closely with employers to better understand where workers are still being hired and/or where the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will create a new demand for workers.
The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry is confident that state and federal policies and investments in alternative energy and conservation have yielded job creation in every part of the state. To support the growth of the green economy, as well as provide Pennsylvanians with rewarding career opportunities, training and education programs must prepare our workforce for the skills needed in the burgeoning green industry sectors.
This Announcement of Grant Availability (AGA) represents the commonwealth's response to these areas of responsibility. The commonwealth seeks applications for green job training and education, as well as capacity building activities such as curricula development and the provision of supportive services for participants. Applications that utilize Pennsylvania's existing workforce development system
Projects must target lower-skilled, unemployed, and dislocated workers, individuals on public assistance; youth and high school drop-outs; individuals with disabilities; veterans; ex-offenders and/or individuals with limited English proficiency.
All grant proposals are due Wednesday, April 28, 2010, by 5 p.m. Questions regarding the content of this AGA must be submitted, in writing, via by April 21, 2010. The commonwealth will try to respond to a question within three (3) business days, unless a similar question and answer have already been posted on under Recovery Act Workforce Information, Workforce Development Grants, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
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