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Weatherization Training and Certification in Pennsylvania

Please be advised that after March 1, 2012, paper vouchers are no longer needed for your direct hire employees or subcontractor employees to attend training. Rather than filling out a voucher application or requesting copies of paper vouchers, you will work directly with the training providers to enroll your workers in classes. The training providers now have access to a database that contains information on all past voucher recipients; this database will be used to determine a worker’s eligibility for free training, and will also track the certification status of workers. 
As in the past, workers must be employed as the direct hire of a WAP, or the a subcontractor of a WAP, to be eligible for no-cost training. Training providers will use the new database to check worker eligibility. If your workers have previously attended classes, the training providers will most likely not need any additional information from you when your workers enroll in coursework.
If you are sending a new worker to training for the first time, or you are requesting that an existing worker obtain a new certification status, you should be prepared to put this request in writing on your WAP agency letterhead. Please include:
  • The WAP employing the worker, and the subcontractor if applicable
  • The certification (Installer, Crew Chief, Auditor or HVAC/Other Worker) that the worker will be pursuing
All requests for training for new workers, or for existing workers pursuing additional certifications, MUST be on WAP letterhead. The training providers will not accept proof of eligibility from subcontractors.
For questions, please contact me or your closest training provider by clicking on the link below.

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