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WorkKeys® is an assessment tool created by ACT that tests an individual's work skills and provides easy-to-comprehend results for employers. While there are many different WorkKeys® assessments available, Pennsylvania is most interested in the WorkKeys® assessments that lead individuals to a Career Readiness Certificate.
A Career Readiness Certificate is achieved by taking the Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Mathematics assessments. Individuals receive a numerical score for each assessment. All "3s" in the above assessments lead to a bronze certificate, all "4s" to a silver, and all "5s" to a gold. While other assessments may gauge where an individual is academically and assign a grade level or reading level, WorkKeys® assessments' scores translate directly to the workplace, and questions are geared towards "real-world" work situations.
WorkKeys® assessments are available in CareerLink® offices throughout Pennsylvania. Additional materials can be accessed below.
Basic Information on WorkKeys®
This link includes the WorkKeys® 101 Webinar offered by the Central Workforce Investment Board and Labor & Industry and a link to the ACT® website.
WorkKeys® Preparation
WorkKeys® preparation is available from two providers: WIN® and KeyTrain®. Both organizations offer curriculum that prepares individuals to take the WorkKeys Assessments®.
Tools for Using WorkKeys®
Click here to find sample materials for using WorkKeys®, including information for CareerLink® customers and for working with employers
Frequently Asked Questions for Implementation
This link includes documents to answer frequently asked questions in a variety of areas.
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